Why we might need to visit you?

The most common reason to visit you is to read your meter. If our representatives need to visit you for any other reasons, we will try to tell you why and agree an appointment with you. 

We and our representatives aim to visit you at times which are most convenient to you. We may call from early in the morning until early evening. Usually we try and not visit before 8am and after 8pm. 

Our representatives

We and the agencies working on our behalf are trained to carry out their duties professionally, politely, sensibility, and will always respect your home and property. All our representatives will be prepared to present when asked the following:

  • Identify cards - They will always tell you that they are a representatives of Wigan Warriors Energy and will be able to show their identity cards. 
  • Uniform and Vehicles - Our representatives wear a uniform and if possible their vehicles bear a company logo. 
  • Help and Advice - Our representatives will be able to help and advice queries in relation to your gas supply. Or they will be able to direct you to a point of contact
  • Passwords - you have a right to know who you are letting into your home. You can set up a password to help identify that the caller is genuine. You should choose a word that you easily remember, and you can change at any time by calling us. If you would like to set up a password, please contact our customers services. 

Genuine callers will not mind you checking their details. If you think they aren't genuine, don't let them in and call the police. 

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